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head> Wierd. Cool. : ]

Wierd. Cool. : ]

Zayn Malik. Harry. Louis. Niall. Liam Payne. VANS, VANS, VANS.!! School. Friends. Food, Food. Cartoons. SpongeBob. Boys <3. Fun. Humor. Like me, Follow me.




i’m so straight i refuse to turn on curves. its been days and i’m running out of gas. i wish i could get home

just go in reverse….

i’m not gay i don’t put it in the rear

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A post on dogs is all you need to cheer up on a stinky day

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How short people fight

Vine by: Rudy Mancuso

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When your bodyguards tell you that you can’t see your fans, tell them to shut up:

How To Be Sassy: A Lesson From Taylor Swift

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